Maximise return on your business project investments

Too many IT projects fail. And of those that do succeed, not many deliver the hoped for business benefits. C-level executives don’t have the time to be sure that the IT investments being made are maximising their return.
optima can help
Maximising the return on investment in an IT portfolio means changing the way you think about IT projects. It means maximising the business benefits from a set of business projects.  Projects that deliver business outcomes based on business changes. These changes might require some IT, but that is not the starting point.

You might need support in kicking off a new project on the right footing, or a review of a currently failing project – we’ve turned around a few! Or you might need help across your whole portfolio – are you getting value for money from your IT investments?

We help you structure your IT portfolio, balancing investment across competing demands and quantifying difficult investment decisions. We then help you structure your project or programme delivery to maximise your chances of delivering successful business outcomes.

We offer a number of different business services to help you maximise return on your business projects. We turn things around, help you manage the benefits first and help the IT projects slot into place.

What we can do for you

With our rich experience in corporate IT provision, optima can help you in the following areas and more

Structure your investment portfolio around business investment objectives and business outcomes, maximising returns

Assessment of existing projects/programmes setting you on the right track to deliver business goals

Facilitation of your teams to draw out and document benefits and outcomes when initiating projects

Structure your project delivery and train your team in approaches that maximise benefit delivery

Put in place approaches to measure benefits realisation across your projects and programmes

Enterprise Architecture consultancy, aligning your short, medium and long term IT plans to deliver business outcomes

We can help you do IT right.