Merger, acquisition and integration support

Aligning IT with a new Business Operating Model 

Merger and acquisition activities inevitably have impacts on IT systems and services. Without structured planning and alignment with the operating model of the newly emerging business, costly mistakes will be made.
optima can help
We can support due diligence, gaining a rapid understanding of how IT is underpinning the target business, risks and options – vital for inclusion in any acquisition business case.

We can help you structure the integration activities, delivering on the business case using our techniques for aligning IT with business operating models. We draw out goals, business outcomes and structure IT delivery accordingly allowing you to focus on keeping the business running.

Drawing on experience from involvement in multiple complex global acquisitions we offer a number of different business services to help you deliver on your acquisition business case.

What we can do for you

With our rich experience in corporate IT provision, optima can help you in the following areas and more

Due diligence support, highlighting IT risks, issues and dependencies

Acquisition business case support, highlighting activities required to align IT and the new operating model

Workshop facilitation for integration teams to elicit new business operating models – Business A, Business B, merged, new…

IT integration planning, aligning IT with measurable business outcomes

IT Leadership Coaching or Mentoring, guiding and supporting your IT leaders through integration

Enterprise Architecture development/advice, setting out short, medium and longer term roadmaps for aligned IT

We can help you do IT right.