Enhance IT delivery through leadership coaching, best practice mentoring and knowledge sharing

Running IT is hard! Cost pressures, different business functions pushing for their project priorities, competing views of best practice, IT vendors offering answers that always seem to involve buying their product! IT leaders are juggling the need for a breadth of knowledge across the business, IT and their own department management. An IT department doesn’t come with an instruction manual, how does your IT manager know they are doing it right? How do you know they are doing it right?

Our experience tells us that access to coaching and colleagues in similar roles has significant benefits.
optima can help
We can work with your CIO and their extended team to help them increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their function, which helps your business maximise its investments in IT and boost business performance. 

Drawing on years of experience across a range of sectors as well as a knowledge sharing community, we can support your IT leaders as executive coaches. We can work as a sounding board for their ideas, facilitate creative strategic thinking, structure and play back strategy, provide leadership coaching and mentor in best practice techniques.

We offer a number of different business services to help your IT leaders help your business. Whether you are building new capability or maturing existing our experience and independence will be invaluable.

What we can do for you

With our rich experience in corporate IT provision, optima can help you in the following areas and more

Executive coaching for your CIO/IT director, enhancing their performance in role

  • Build on strengths and values
  • Goal and objective setting
  • Short, medium and long term career planning
  • Creative problem solving

Team coaching for departmental planning, building on strengths and values

Mentoring in best practice across IT management capabilities including

  • IT Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Benefits management
  • Programme and Portfolio Governance
  • Organisational Structure
  • Managing Cyber Security risks
  • IT Operations Management

Creative facilitation of

  • IT Leadership teams to in developing strategy and roadmaps
  • Joint business/IT strategy development
  • Joint Business/IT project initiation/benefits workshops

We can help you do IT right.