Normalise the management of Cyber Security risks across your business

As a C-level executive you don’t necessarily have the time to understand the ever changing cyber security risk landscape – you need to be able to manage these risks like any other business risk.

As an IT Professional, you need to highlight cyber risks to gain buy in for controls you believe you need. 

Bridging the gap between IT and Business leaders is challenging, not doing so risks under or over investment in Cyber Security with potentially disastrous consequences. Technical terminology combined with the use of fear, uncertainty and doubt as vendor sales tactics risk putting SME’s off addressing this manageable risk
optima can help
Security risks need to be normalised, creating a standard cost/benefit decision for senior management. 

We can work with you to translate these threats and vulnerabilities into business impacts, decisions and risks to be managed. Whether you are seeking to gain ISO2701 security accreditation, or simply hoping to secure your business assets at an appropriate cost, our experience can help you

We offer a number of different business services to help you manage you investments in Cyber Security, understand your risks and invest accordingly.

What we can do for you

With our rich experience in corporate IT provision, optima can help you in the following areas and more

Assess your Cyber Security risks, turning them a manageable business decisions

Train your team in project risk assessments

Put in place a risk management framework for ongoing management of IT security risks

Enterprise Architecture consultancy, integrating security projects into your IT investment roadmap

Structure your investment in Cyber Security IT projects around quantifiable business risks 

Support you in the creation of a Information Security Management System and IS27001 accreditation

We can help you do IT right.