ApplicatioN Procurement Support

Maximising your investments in IT products or services

It has never been easier to buy IT solutions. Software as a Service (SaaS) web based solutions exist for everything an SME could desire, complementing traditional software packages. But SaaS comes with its own challenges: Which product is best suited to your business? Which will still exist in 2 years time? Where is your data going to be kept? Will it be secure? Can you get your data in and out? How will this solution integrate with your other systems? 

Your business users need to focus on delivering business outcomes, not managing IT procurement.

optima can help

We won’t necessarily start with the IT. We can help you structure your procurement activity, understanding your business investment objectives and the business outcomes you are seeking. Then working out the best fit with your existing systems. Building project and procurement activities around delivering these business outcomes, allows you to manage scope creep and maximise your ROI. 

Drawing on experience from small, medium and large SaaS and traditional application projects we offer a number of different business services to support your application projects.

What we can do for you

With our rich experience in corporate IT provision, optima can help you in the following areas and more

Facilitation of business users to draw out investment objectives, benefits sought, benefit measures and systems requirements 

Support for your business and IT teams in documenting IT and security requirements

Putting in place approaches to measure benefits realisation across your projects and programmes

Support for your business and IT teams in the creation of Request For Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal documents to issue to vendors for complex procurements

Assessment of vendor documentation and solutions against IT and/or Cyber Security best practice appropriate to your business needs

Structuring your project delivery and training your team in approaches that maximise benefit delivery

We can help you do IT right.